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You will experience the Sea and the Land of Malta in One Single Tour.


You will use only Professional Equipment to enjoy real Snorkeling in freedom and safety. There is no fixed itinerary. You will swim and visit only the Safest and Most Exciting spots.


You will join only Small Groups & visit places away from the most common tourist areas. 


You will Never Be Left Alone in the water and without a proper briefing. You will be guided through every step of your adventure.

Join the first and original Malta Snorkeling Safari! You will experience an amazing combination between Land & Sea Tour across Malta, Comino or Gozo. Warm blue crystal water, breathtaking landscapes and colorful sea life. You will swim safely and comfortably with Full  Set of Snorkeling Equipment.

Divers Code is the first PADI Freediver Center in Malta. Discover the unexpected Underwater Skills you naturally have or, if you are already a freediver, Improve your Skills to enjoy the depth of the sea. We are teaching All Levels of freediving courses and we provide as well logistics to clubs, organizations and individuals.

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Enjoy the walk! From the high cliffs of Dingli, over the Girgenti rolling hills to the rocky shores of Marfa walk with us all Around the Islands. Coastal trails, country roads and hidden paths cross all over the country giving you the chance to enjoy easy and Wonderful Hiking experiences.

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