Snorkelling & Freediving LiveAboard – Red Sea, 2nd/9th-May 2020

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An Unforgettable Holiday

Live for a full week on a Luxury Yacht, Snorkeling and Freediving.

We have spent many years exploring the world’s best reefs.
Now, we want to share with you new unforgettable emotions while exploring spectacular locations.

Discover the magical colours of the Red Sea, visiting the best reefs, islands and lagoons, under the professional supervision of  Divers Code Team.

You will enjoy a tailored programme, dedicated to Snorkelers and Freedivers, for a week of pure entertainment.

A Wonderful Yacht

For this adventure we chartered a Luxury Motor Yacht, with a very strong reputation in the Red Sea.

With its 30meters lenght, 10 double cabins and 4 decks, it is designed for maximum comfort with plenty of space for every one.

All cabins have Private Toilet, Shower, Air Conditioning and Fridge.
Satellite Wi-Fi available onboard.

No Stress! We’ll take care of everything

Vacations are a time to relax, unwind, explore new places, learn new things and meet new people.

That is why we offer a distinct and varied itinerary where you will spott an impressive diversity of sea-life.

In between your guided snorkeling excursions , the rest of your days will be spent sunbathing, relaxing on deck and enjoying incredible views.

There will be sunset aperitifs, night stargazings and an impressive collection of memorable moments you won’t be able to forget.

Dedicated Programme

  • Live-Aboard is the best way to discover the sea, avoiding the crowd as you have the freedom to choose the best dive-spot at the best time.


  • This holiday is planned for the maximum enjoyment of Snorkelers & Free-divers


  • Experienced Guides-Instructors that live in the area since long time


  • Dedicated Dinghy, buoys and Guide For Freediver & Snorkelers

3 Destinations, 18 Different Dive-spots

  • Ras Mohammed National Park
  • Sha’ab Ali Reef
  • Tiran Island


What You Will See:

  • Colourful soft Coral Gardens.
  • Shallow Ship-Wrecks covered with Kaleidoscopic Hard Coral and Fish
  • Drop Offs, Blue Lagoons, Drift dives
  • An explosion of Marine Life, such as Turtles, Clown fish, Tunas, Butterfly Fish, Lion Fish, Eagle Rays and Dolphins.


  • Guided Snorkelling, from 3 to 4 dives per day
  • Guided Freediving, buoy & line and recreational
  • All Meals freshly cooked everyday
  • Accommodation
  • Twin Cabin with private toilet
  • Soft Drinks and Water
  • Snacks and Fruits available 24h
  • Transfer from/back to the airport
  • National Marine Park Fee


  • Visa Single Entry (25$)
  • Crew Service (50€)
  • Rental Equipment (50€)
  • Beer, Alcohol, drinks
  • Flights
    Direct flights to Sharm El Sheikh operate from all Europe and UK. Reserve the most convenient flight And Book Your Place for this incredible experience!

8 days & 7 nights in Full Board

First Week of May 2020

  • Saturday 2nd:
    • transfer airport / boat,
    • boarding,
    • equipment set-up,
    • relax.
  • Sunday 3rd to Friday 8th:
    • 1st snorkel/dive approximately @08:00h
    • Breakfast
    • 2nd snorkel/dive approximately @11:00h
    • Lunch
    • 3rd snorkel/dive approximately@15:00h
    • Night swim, when possible, after sunset
    • Dinner
  • Saturday 9th:
    • transfer boat / airport

No Chance to Get Bored

  • Workshops:
    • Photography,
    • Marine Biology,
    • Freediving,
    • Conservation
  • Documentary watch
  • Visit Neverland Island
  • Sunbathing
  • Sunset Aperitif & Stargazing


  • Introduction to Freediving
  • Freediving Course
  • Discover Scuba Diving

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  • Length: 30 meters
  • Beam: 7.6 meters
  • Date of construction: 2006
  • Speed: 11 knots
  • Material: Wood
  • Engines: Two Man500HP D2840
  • Power: 55 KV & 80 Kv & 150 Kv
  • Fuel Capacity: 10 tons
  • Water Capacity: 12 tons
  • Safety: 2 life rafts for 20pax each, First Aid and Oxygen kit
  • Instruments: VHF radio,Garmin GPS plotter,depth sounder chart plotter, Raytheon RADAR 36miles
  • Compressors: 2 x K 14 Power
  • Rhibs: 1 x5.5m Rhib 55HP Yamaha 1 x 6.0m Rhib85HP Yamah

Sharm El-Sheikh. General Info

Egypt, a country linking northeast Africa with the Middle East, dates to the time of the pharaohs. Sharm El-Sheikh is an Egyptian city on the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, in South Sinai Governorate. This is the least populated district of Egypt and it is located in the east of the country, encompassing the southern half of the Sinai Peninsula, it is divided from the north by 200 kilometres of rocky desert and surrounded by the Red Sea. It is the closest tropical sea to Europe, temperatures, clear waters, and the rich marine life favour diving and snorkelling, making this destination one of the main points for lovers of this sport.
A subtropical desert climate means sunny skies and almost no rain year-round. In May The outside temperature is 30°C and sea water temperature will be around 25º,visibility in the water can reach 40 – 50 meters.
Various Natural Parks have been established over the years and this protection made possible to preserve Ras Mohammed, the Straits of Tiran, Gubal Island, and others mythical places that are considered some of the best diving and snorkelling in the world.

Things to Know

  • Passport: Minimum 6 months validity after return.
  • VISA: Single Entry (25 USD)
  • Currency: Egyptian pound. Hotels and stores usually accept credit cards.
  • Politics: Democratic Republic.
  • Language: The official language is Arabic, in tourist places English, Italian, Spanish and French are fluently spoken.
  • Electricity: 220V


For Info & Reservations:


Mobile / Whatsapp:  +356 7706 8899