Hiking in Malta


Malta is an island mostly known for practicing scuba-diving, snorkeling and water sports. And there are good reasons for this, but if you take a closer look, Malta can surprise active-holiday lovers with beautiful and secluded Mediterranean hiking spots.

Our hiking, trekking and walking excursions are the perfect mix between Nature and History. Made for the ones who want to “Discover” the island more than just “visit” it.

Here at Divers Code we love hiking and trail-running and in our roles as professional tour leaders we have long experience collaborating with international Tour Operators, OTA’s and guiding excursionists from all over the world.

We have explored the Maltese islands by foot to find the best combinations of coastal trails, country paths, smart shortcuts and unexpected detours.
And  today we can offer you one of the most rewarding hiking/walking experiences around the islands.


This wide range of different routes gives you the chance to enjoy different combinations of amazing walks and trekking. From the high cliffs of Dingli to the Girgenti rolling hills. From the rocky shores of the Marfa peninsula to intriguing strongholds of Valletta Gran Harbour.

Our excurions are very enjoyable and easy to walk, but if you are looking forward for something little more challenging we will be happy to lead you a step forward.

During the tour we will chat about Malta and it’s legends, nature and history. There will be plenty of stops for refreshments and photo opportunities, so don’t forget your cameras.

We will also give you tips about what to see around the island and some suggestions on how to spend the rest of your holiday in Malta and Gozo. We know all the hot spots!

First  free good hint: it could be a good idea to book with us during the first days of your holiday as we have lots of great references for anything you want to see or do!

Hiking & Walking with us
We believe that hiking should be a nice and relaxing activity, suitable for everybody who enjoys walking, this is why most of our routes are easily accessible and our groups are small. We offer a selection of guided excursions to match all requests in question and needs.

Custom tour
If you search for a longer or shorter experience, for a custom private tour or an excursion for a big group, we will be just happy to help. Please contact us in advance and we will offer you a tailored tour adjusted to your needs.

Hiking in Malta is best suited from late September till the beginning of May. Before and after the high temperatures of the warm and sunny Maltese summer.

Summer Hike?
The summer heat in Malta can be really strong and we do not recommend hiking.

During these months we are able to organize short tours in the early morning only for groups.
Contact us for more details.

What to bring?
Hiking in Malta is fairly easy and you don’t need technical hiking equipment. But we recommend wearing comfortable hiking shoes or sneakers.

Malta can also be a windy island, so a wind jacket for windy days can come in handy. A hat/cap to cover your head on both sunny and windy days. A small backpack to carry water and personal items.

Please don’t wear flip-flops or shoes with heels.

Come with us to explore beautiful and out of the ordinary areas around the island.

But don’t trust our words blindly. Please read about other travelers experiences with us.