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Pepo has put together a beautiful, interesting, and off-the-beaten track guided hike of Northern Malta. Pepo is friendly, knowledgable, and helpful, making this a wonderful adventure for our family of three - including our 18-month old son (who was in a hiking carrier). Highly recommend!! more
Honestly, I can’t recommend this experience enough. First, the trail is absolutely stunning. You get to experience the Malta terrain in an intimate way you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. The hike isn’t difficult but works up an appetite, and the views are breathtaking. Pepo is - in one word - fantastic. He’s knowledgeable, fun, and comfortable - just a genuine person to speak with. He’s full of interesting stories and has a great sense of humor. Loved it! A must go!! more
Pepo is a great guide. We went for the tour less for being guided than to get some insights about Malta history and today life style and this exactly what we got ! Pepo is a really nice personne. We recommend 100% more
5 star rating
Hiking in Malta Malta is a beautiful country to do hiking and trekking along the coast, thanks to "Divers Code" I visited some wonderful places. Alone I couldn't have visited some areas. The routes are different and immersed in wild nature, countryside, wild flora, history and archaeological sites, with breathtaking landscapes... The guide was very prepared, professional, friendly and helpful. It was a fantastic experience.
If you want to know Malta in a different way, surrounded by nature, I recommend the Hiking tours with "Divers Code!". more