If you like trail running like us you will love the maltese islands,  Gozo for example hosts yearly a wonderful and quite unique Ultra-trail race.  Here you can find backcountry roads for easy of-track runs and amazing coastal single trails if you are lloking for a more satisfing challenges.

The south-west coast of Malta is famous for its glorious cliffs, shores, sunrises and sunsets. The area is also known as Majjistral National Park and this is a great setting for your trail running tours and experiences.

You can enjoy and test your self on engaging surface, running on a very interesting mix of dusty-stone-rocky ground while you face the magnetic colors of the Mediterranean sea.

The standard route is about 10 kilometres long, to be completed in approximately 90 minutes. We do the run at your favourite pace, no hurry or rush.

Running along the coast


Going Easy: According to your requests, the activity could also be a mixed-experience where we alternate easy runs with satisfying hiking moments.

More Challenge: If you are looking for something more this route can easily become a 15-18km challenging experience


Route: about 10km  Elevation: about 220m+  Duration: about 1.30h

30€ PAX (minimum 2pax)


The best time for running in Malta is between October and April when the temperatures are fresher and the island is green.

The summer heat in Malta can be really strong and we do not recommend hiking.

During these months we are able to organize short tours in the early morning only for groups.

BOOK NOW your adventure with us and don’t miss out on the chance to discover Malta in a unique way with experienced guides.