Snorkelling in Malta

Malta Snorkeling Safari

Snorkeling in Malta and join the original Snorkelling Safari by Divers Code, the only company in Malta specialised in guided Snorkelling tours.

What is Snorkelling??? Snorkeling is swimming on the surface of the sea, equipped with a diving mask, breathing tube called snorkel, and swimming fins.

It is a safe and easy activity, anybody able to swim can do it and it allows you to observe the underwater world for a long time and little effort.

Malta and Gozo has been awarded as one of the top underwater destinations worldwide with one of the best visibility in the Mediterranean Sea.

Snorkelling is the easiest way to access its wonders, No need for expensive courses, bulky equipment and the dangling tools that scuba-divers use.

Looking for a short excursion or a full-day tour? We offer different solutions and our Professional Guides will guide you in your adventure.

You will use only Professional Equipment to enjoy real Snorkeling in freedom and safety.
There is no fixed itinerary. You will swim and visit only the Safest and Most Exciting spots.

You will join only Small Groups and visit places away from the most common tourist areas.

You will Never Be Left Alone in the water. You will be guided through every step of your adventure.

Why Snorkelling with Divers Code?

Our Snorkelling Safaris are tailored experiences crafted for travellers, beginner or experienced sea-lovers and families with kids.

The perfect mix between land and sea, made for the ones who want to “Discover” the island more than just “visit” it.

Unlike many snorkeling tours in Malta, what we offer is not your average snorkelling excursion.

Diving-centres, big-boat-tours and improvised-wannabe offer Snorkeling in Malta.

Most of the time you will follow the schedule of a group of scuba-divers, you might find yourself dropped in a bay with hundreds of other people, or even worse in a dangerous situation if you are not led by professionals.

Usually you will be allowed to snorkel only between their main activities, with poor equipment, and often without a guide.

Here at Divers Code we take snorkelling seriously.

Don’t get us wrong, we are always in for a good laugh, but we know that many times snorkelers are considered “second class” clients.

We never liked that attitude and we want to make your experience with us memorable.
We love to share our knowledge and to see people’s smiles while they are experiencing the snorkeling in Malta.
Our professional guides will be in the water with you all the time, providing guidance and help. We cater only for small groups to guarantee a top-quality service.

The snorkelling gear is all new, dedicated and professional, no heavy diving fins, broken wet-suits, foggy masks or leaking snorkels.
Safety is our first priority and this starts with the choice of the right equipment.

Our trips are suitable for first time Snorkellers and families with kids.
It doesn’t matter if you are experienced or not, we can provide you with floating devices and our guides will give you a detailed briefing on snorkelling techniques, safety and marine life.

Check our availability now and Book your place for this amazing adventure.

For big groups searching for a custom-tour, please contact us in advance and we will offer you our best solution.

Safety & Comfort

• Your safety is always our priority, all our guides have up to date First Aid training and we carry safety equipment onboard the vehicles at all times.
These items include a comprehensive First Aid kit, Fire Extinguisher, Tools and extra water.

• The experience is conducted in our 4WD. To ensure your safety, our vehicles are serviced and maintained to the highest possible standard.
The vehicles are fully air-conditioned with comfortable forward-facing seats.
Our vehicles can accommodate baby seats and we take pleasure in accommodating your whole family.

Jump into the Sea! Discover Malta