Valletta Sight Run


Do you like running? Are you thrilled by the idea of enjoying Valletta in a different way? Do you feel like going into a kaleidoscopic journey between palaces, sea and fortifications?

This is what a SightRun is about: the best way to discover a place! On-street level and on your feet!

You will Run all-around Valletta, outside and inside the city walls. C’mon and go across the heart of Malta with us!

You will skirt the whole perimeter of Valletta’s walls from the Great Siege Road to the Waterfront, to finally unleashing yourselves inside the city: along the two Valletta’s main arteries.
This sightrun it is not a straight run, but it’s more like a “super funny urban trail”.

We will meet in front of the Valletta Tritons Fountain (just outside Valletta City Gate) which will be our starting and ending point.

This sightrun route is about ten kilometers long (10km) and will be completed in about 90 minutes depending on our pace. We will run at your favorite pace with no rush, taking our time to enjoy the view, take photos and chat.


The best time for running in Malta is between October and April when the temperatures are fresher and the island is green.

The summer heat in Malta can be really strong and we do not recommend hiking.

During these months we are able to organize short tours in the early morning only for groups.
Contact us for more details.


Route: about 10km  Elevation: about 220m+  Duration: about 1.30h

Location: Valletta; 

30€ PAX (minimum 2pax)


BOOK NOW the Valletta Sight Walk and get to know the city in a way nobody else does!

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