Freediver PADI

Become a Freediver in Two Days

Learn how to freedive in just 2 days! Join this Freediving Course in Malta, get certified as Freediver PADI and start your underwater adventure.

This freediving course is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate and advanced freedivers with no prior certification.

The training is structured to build a solid foundation of knowledge, safety procedure, in-water skills and efficiency. It includes also the Basic Freediver Padi Course

During this free diving course you Instructor will guide you through the basic techniques for practising this sport in a fun and safe way.

The freediving training is divided in one theory session, one confined water and two open water sessions.

Full set of equipment is included during the freediving training.

The minimum age for the PADI Freediver certification is 15 years.

Practice and Learn the Foundamentals of Freediving

You will learn:

• Breathing & Relaxation
• Respiratory Physiology
• Static and Dynamic Apnea
• Buddying and safety
• Pressure and Ear’s Equalization
• Free Immersion diving
• Constant Weight diving
• Safety & Emergency procedures
• Equipment selection and maintenance


• Hotel pick up and drop off (Malta North)
• Professional PADI Instructor (English, Italian, Spanish)
• Manual and Certification
• First AID & Safety equipment
• Full Freediving Equipment (full-body wetsuit, mask, snorkel and fins)

Once you have completed the course and reached the objectives, you will receive a PADI Freediver certification recognised worldwide by all the freediving agency.

Location: Malta North; Price: 330€; Duration: 2 days